Cultural Wine

Red Wine

Vallemayor "Vine Encinada" single estate 2007 Rioja Tinto

Made soley with Tempranillo from 30 year old vines, with 3 months in oak.


Vallemayor 2005 Rioja Tinto

Made with choice grapes and oak aged.


Estampilla de Genio Merlot Valle Central Chile 2009

Exuding riper cherry aromas, abudance of sweet fruits entice the palate.


Home Farm Shriaz/Merlot SE Australia 2009

Coffee and blackberry notes.


Marques de Luna Tempranillo Tinto Castilla Spain 2009

Fruity and oaky nose, soft berried fruit & robust finish.


Senor de Cascante Gran Reserva Navarra Spain 2000

A stunning example, complex heady fruit nose and great depth in palate.


Berdugo Joven tinto Ribera Del Deuro Spain 2008

Young unoaked wine with plenty of fruit character.


Cuvee Orelie Merlot/Grenache/Gamay Ardeche 2009

Very quaffable, excellent fruit cocktail of a wine.


Coteaux du Tricastin "Le Grande Deves Rouge" Rhone 2007

Based on Grenache & Syrah grapes, smooth fruit with spiciness.


Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Ca Brigiano" DOC

Medium bodied red, deep berry colour, hints of plums with pepper.


Malbec Mendoza Argentina

Deep coloured red, complex and full bodied.


Casa Silva Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere Chile 2008

The rich blackcurrant fruits are complimented by the smoky, spiciness of the Carmenere.


Signatures du Sud Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

A delightful red.


Hazy View Pinotage 2009 South Africa

A delightful red.